Matterdale School Foundation

New Matterdale Education and Community Centre




Matterdale School Foundation (MSF) Trustees have been busy in recent months developing our vision for the new Education and Community Centre on the Recreation Field.


Our architects, 2030 Architects, are now finalising the drawings to be submitted with the planning application. These are set out below.


Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions, MSF Trustees are unable to hold a meeting to update residents on the latest plans so our architects have prepared a short video presentation to show how the development will impact on the immediate neighbourhood and the environment. It can be accessed via the web address below or by clicking here.


MSF Trustees continue to be keen to get the views of Matterdale residents about these updated plans so would ask you to complete a short Survey Monkey questionnaire accessed via the web address below or by clicking here.


The questionnaire is a “legitimate interest" for our architects, 2030 Architects, which they require in order to carry out the function of designing the Education and Community Centre. Any personal data collected through this questionnaire will be deleted once the results have been disseminated to the Trustees.


Please could you ensure that the questionnaires is completed by Tuesday 10th November.


MSF Trustees would like to thank you for your continuing support with this project which is for the benefit of all who live in the Matterdale valley.

SS.01 Proposed Site Layout.jpg
SS.02 Outline Proposal_Elevation and Sec
SS.03 Proposed Floor Plan.jpg