This page is for news and information about the Matterdale School Foundation and proposed new Village Hall and Education Centre

Draft minutes of a meeting of Matterdale Parish Council acting as Trustee of Matterdale School Foundation held on Monday 3rd February 2020 at Royal Hotel,Dockray

Present: Cllr Castles (in the Chair), Clls. Lloyd, Firth, Crofts, McAlpine, Mrs Gore and Dobinson.

In attendance: Mr Brown, as Clerk.

  1. Apologies accepted: Cllrs. Mrs. Wilson, Holder, Marshall and Shaw.

  2. The meeting had been called to receive a Funding Review produced by Jenny Wain of Motmot Consulting in relation to the proposed Matterdale Community/Education building on the Recreation Ground.

It was agreed that this was very helpful in assessing the prospects of grant funding (totalling £492,500, if all applications were to be successful), adding to the cash resources of c£450,000 already available.

It was recognized that the best outcome was most unlikely to be achieved (statistics suggesting that that two fifths of applications are successful); nevertheless the benefits of pursuing grant funding were clearly evidenced by the Review.

The Clerk had spoken to Ms Wain that morning to discuss the next steps and the additional fees involved if she were ask to prepare any grant applications.

Her view was that the first step should be to apply to the National Lottery Community Fund- “Reaching Communities”; her discussion with Amelia Nicholson there suggested a resubmitted application for £12-15k. Jenny Wain had no assurance that such application would be successful but believed there were sufficient prospects of success to justify her expected fee of £825 for the three days further work an application would entail.

It was not clear why the lower figures suggested for the revised application had been recommended; the Clerk will enquire of Ms Wain.

A good deal of relevant information is contained in the application the Clerk had already submitted and the feasibility aspects overlap with the information 2030 Architects are to provide to LDNPA, although further information would most likely be needed to assist her preparation of the application.

That work would pave the way for further applications to other bodies, which would need a lot of the same information and may, particularly in relation to the smaller grant funders, help us to put in further applications without incurring additional fund raisers’ fees. Moreover, success with the National Lottery would give confidence to other funders who would then be more likely to support the project.

The meeting concluded that Mrs Wain should be instructed to prepare a revised application to the National Lottery as referred to above.

NOTE  The agreed next meeting date is Monday 9th March 2020 in Watermillock Village Hall following the Parish Council meeting.

Notes of Matterdale Parish Council meeting on 13th January 2020 as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation (“MSF”)

All Councillors present, save Cllr. MacAlpine

In attendance: Mr. D L Brown as Clerk.

Declarations of Interest: Cllr Castles re grants to young people for education; Cllrs Crofts and Gore as trustees of Matterdale Community Association re the proposed Education/Community building on the Recreation Ground.

1. The note of the trustee meeting on 9th December 2019 was approved as circulated.

2. The Clerk had given notice to withdraw £20,000 from the savings account with Cumberland Building Society; he will now arrange the withdrawal and credit to a new 12 month Saver Deposit with Shawbrook Bank via Charities Aid Foundation.

3. Proposed Housing Development adjacent to “the Knotts”

3.1 The steering group had met on 9th January; the Clerk had distributed a note of the meeting to all Councillors. It was agreed to proceed as suggested by the steering group.

3.2 It was reported that Mr Winter had received advice from PFK on potential values of the proposed houses; this provided improved justification for the viability of the scheme.

3.3 The Clerk will ask Mr Winter if 3 local occupancy houses and one affordable would qualify for planning consent: that might be suggested to LDNPA, and the application revised if there was any encouragement from LDNPA.

3.4 The Clerk is to write to objectors before the LDNPA consider the application further.

4. New Community/ Education Building

4.1 The steering group had met Ms Jenny Wain of Motmot Consulting that morning. She offered to carry out an initial assessment of potential funders. That would be done by the end of January, the cost would be no more than £550 plus VAT, which would allow her two full days work to prepare and report on the assessment. The steering group recommended her engagement and the proposed assessment, which the meeting approved.

4.2 The steering group had also met the Architect that day. She is to sound out LDNPA on the prospects for a scheme including caretaker’s accommodation. Ms Gore will take further soundings on the local use of the new facility and then finalise the business viability case for approval by the steering group. This will include a brief note on the financing of the project, which the Clerk will add. The Architect will contact North West Electricity for reconsideration of their costing of a National Grid connection, including any possible saving by having part of the work separately contracted. She will also revisit the dimensions proposed for the main hall, as requested by MCA (which favours a reduction of c1 metre to the length and width of what is proposed and a corresponding reduction of its height to its apex).

4.3 The Clerk and Cllr Firth will review the draft contract between 2020 Architects and the Parish Council submitted the previous Friday (which includes the additional responsibility for presenting a planning application). The Clerk will sign this for the Parish Council as trustee of the Charity if no issues arise which require further authority from the steering group or the Council.

4.4 The Clerk will follow up his enquiry of Cumbria Wildlife to find out if they will provide a report on the ecology of the site and, if so, at what cost.

4.5 He will also follow up his contact with the National Lottery, having applied for a Development Grant and separately to the Climate Action Fund.

4.6 The aim continues to be submission of a planning application as soon as the revised LDNPA Local Plan comes into force.

5. Grants from the Charity’s income which might be made in 2020.

It was agreed to defer further discussion until the cost of any building work on the Recreation Field has been assessed in relation to any building which might be permitted there.

6. Finance

 The Clerk reported on the state of the trust’s accounts: Skipton Building Society £122,636.11, Nationwide Building Society Account £80,000, Cumberland Building Society £100,852.54 (including the £20k about to be withdrawn) and Penrith Building Society £100,986.66.

7. The next charity meeting will be on Monday 3th February 2020 at Royal Hotel, Dockray.


Signed by the Chairman of the meeting as a true record of the Meeting of Matterdale School Foundation on the     day of February 2020

Notes of Matterdale Parish Council meeting on 4th November 2019 as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation (“MSF”) All Councillors present, save Cllr. Mrs Wilson. In attendance: Mr. D L Brown as Clerk. Declarations of Interest: no change.

1. The note of the trustee meeting on 2nd September 2019 was approved as circulated.

2. Matters Arising: None

3. New Community/ Education Building

3.1 Cllr MacAlpine reported on two events he had attended. The first on 10th October had been arranged by Cumbria CVS as an opportunity to meet potential grant making bodies (or rather their representatives). His report is to be circulated. The other on 26th October had been arranged by ACTion with communities in Cumbria. The notes of this will also be circulated. In short, the maximum grant likely to be available to assist the payment for the building planned and its incidentals is currently £50,000. It was agreed that he should contact Hellen Aitken of ACT with a view to explaining where MSF is with the project and what the cost of her assistance with grant funding would be.

3.2 The Clerk reported on the meeting with Ben Long of LDNPA on 22nd October, attended by Tracey Hart of 2030 Architects, Cllr. Castles, the Clerk and Jane Newport of MCA. The minute of the meeting will be circulated. In short, Ben Long is to produce by 15th November a new planning position statement; the working group is to meet Tracey Hart when it has been received and a full meeting of MSF will then be needed.  [9th December is the suggested date for the full MSF meeting, at 7.00pm; Councillors are asked to inform the Clerk asap whether this date/time  would suit them and which alternative dates are suitable for them- a full attendance of all Councillors being desirable] Ben Long will also indicate whether a pre-application site visit is required by LDNPA, the working group not being happy that Ben Long indicated that such visit, if required, would not be before Spring 2020.

3.3 The Off-Grid Feasibility Study of 5th October 2019 has been received from “Efficient Ideas”. The working group will also benefit from the comments of Claire Beaumont and Gordon Lightburn, both of whom have experience which will help in decision making. All these will be circulated to all Councillors.

3.4 It was agreed that a note of spending to date and likely future spending on the project would be useful; the Clerk was asked to prepare this and circulate all Councillors. Also that all Councillors should receive the notes of meetings with 2030 Architects (past and future) and any pertinent future emails.

3.5 The viability plan, which Paul Goodman had put together for MCA, is to be revisited and extended to include an assessment of the viability of the project, having regard to the latest estimate of its cost and the disappointing level of grant funding available.

3.6 Decisions are likely to be needed to reduce the initial cost of the project (eg by delaying the provision of caretaker accommodation).

3.7 Cllr Shaw was invited to join the working party and agreed to do so.

4. Proposed Housing Development adjacent to “the Knotts”

4.1 The first draft of the Financial Viability Assessment prepared by Jon Bushell has just been received from Mr Winter. It suggests that the previous estimate of the value of the site if planning consent is granted was over-optimistic. A second opinion is required of the likely value of the completed development, which will be fed into the Financial Viability Assessment. The Clerk was asked to obtain this from PFK.

4.2 The proposed drainage arrangements, by means of an earth mound drainage bund, will be detailed by Ian Sutherland of Pumptrack following his site visit. This presupposes a satisfactory financial viability assessment.

4.3 Highway requirements would appear to be satisfied by ensuring maximum visibility splays onto the lane serving the site.

5. Finance

5.1 The Clerk reported on the state of the trust’s accounts: Skipton Building Society £121,789.81 (interest now earned at 0.55% down from 0.8%), Nationwide Building Society Account £80,000, Cumberland Building Society £100,852.54  (30 day notice account-interest 1.30% down from 1.55 %) and Penrith Building Society £100,986.66 (interest rate 0.75%).

5.2 The Council approved payment from the trust to “Efficient Ideas” for the report referred to above of £660 (no VAT).

5.3 The meeting agreed that a new account be sought via Charities Aid Foundation; a 12 month fixed rate saver account would earn 1.4%. The sum of £80,000 to be placed there (£40k from Skipton BS and £20k from each of Penrith and Cumberland BS accounts). The £85k protection limit on all the various accounts would not then be exceeded.

6. The possibility of grants out of income in 2020 was adjourned to the January meeting, by which time the Clerk hopes to have met with Cllrs Gaskell and Firth and Messrs Nixon, Goodman and Mrs Bray of MCA to discuss how any grants may be sought and allocated. This meeting is scheduled for 7.30pm on Wednesday 20th November at Hesleyside, Watermillock.

7. The next charity meeting will be in December 2019 as referred to above. The first 2020 meeting will be on 6th January 2020 in Watermillock Village Hall.

Notes of Matterdale Parish Council meeting on 2nd September 2019 as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation (“MSF”)

All Councillors present, save Cllrs. Shaw, Marshall and Mc Alpine. In attendance: Mr. D L Brown as Clerk (and Cllr Hughes for part of the meeting). Declarations of Interest: no change.

1. The note of the trustee meeting on 5th August 2019 was approved as circulated.

2. Matters Arising: None

3. New Community/ Education Building

3.1 Cllr Castles paid tribute to the huge amount of work Cllr Gore (and the Clerk) had put in and were continuing to do so to bring success to the project. He thanked them both warmly.

3.2 Cllr Castles reported that Cllrs Gore and he had met Tracey Hart of 2030 Architects earlier that day. Darrell Smith (whose work at Cumbria University around the cultural, heritage and ecological value of projects enabled him to add his insights to the project) and for part of the meeting Mrs Judith Derbyshire (whose wide ranging contacts and experience of fund-raising for Stainton Village Hall added significant experience to the steering group)and the Clerk had been present. A full note of the meeting will be circulated to the steering group (and is available to all Councillors).

3.3 2030 Architects are working towards a further meeting with LDNPA as part of the pre-application process. They await the energy consultant’s report, which is expected in the next few days. They will then prepare their draft submission to LDNPA, which will go first to the Clerk for review and approval. The Council agreed that the planning application itself could go ahead as soon as 2030 Architects advised.

3.4 Cllr Castles is to write to local schools and youth organizations to ask for written support for and commitment to the project.

3.5 It was agreed that the prospect of linking the project to the heritage of the Ullswater Valley, as discussed by the Clerk, Cllrs Gore and Crofts with Mr Tim Clarke, was supported by the Council in principle, but would need a great deal of work before it could be approved by the Parish Council and form part of a grant application to fund the planned project at the Recreation Field. So it would be desirable not to delay the planning application until the detail of possible heritage use was worked out. The work on heritage use would be a waste of time (and possibly money) if planning consent for the development there is by any chance not given for the project as currently formulated.

3.6 The Clerk was asked to reply further to Messrs Harrison and Lumsden, whose written comments on the project had been discussed with 2030 that day and circulated to all Councillors prior to the meeting.

3.7 The steering group is to meet 2030 Architects again on Monday 7th October (12noon in the Royal).


4. Proposed Housing Development adjacent to “the Knotts”

4.1 Mr Winter is clear to progress the proposal. He had reported on his meeting with Mr Blease and the tree consultant and would be seeking meetings with the highway authority and the feasibility adviser in the next week or so.

4.2 Cllr Holder will look at the site again to see how drainage might be provided without using the beck nearby.

5. Finance

5.1 The Clerk reported on the state of the trust’s accounts: Skipton Building Society £122,509.81 (£80,000 having been withdrawn to open the new Nationwide Building Society Account), Cumberland Building Society £100,852.54 and Penrith Building Society £100,986.66.

5.2 The Council approved payments from the trust to the Clerk of £576 to cover the trusts contribution to his half year’s salary and £144 for PAYE.

5.3 The Council agreed the 2030 Architects additional charge for planning services of £4,750 plus VAT (to be paid as to 8/9 from the trust’s funds); the charge will be abated if the planning process is aborted before its conclusion, Tracy Hart had assured the steering group that day.

6. The next charity meeting will be on 4th November 2019 at 7.00pm in Matterdale Church Room.

Notes of Matterdale Parish Council meeting on 1st July 2019 as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation (“MSF”)

All Councillors present, save Cllrs. Gaskell and Dobinson. In attendance: Mr. D L Brown as Clerk. Declarations of Interest: no change.

1. The note of the trustee meeting on 3rd June 2019 was approved as circulated.

2. Matters Arising: Cllr Gore agreed to pursue the possible fundraiser to assist with finance of the proposed Matterdale Education/Community building. She had two possible contacts. Mr Harrison had provided the name of an Oxford based person (Mr Joel Burden), whose help might be sought if a more local person is not available.

3. New Community/ Education Building

Cllr Castles reported that Cllrs Gore, McAlpine and he had met with the Clerk, Rod Hughes and Tracey Hart of 2030 Architects on 21st June 2019. A full note of the meeting had been circulated to the steering group (and is available to all Councillors).

A revised drawing (“Parking Option C-20.06.19”) had been approved by the steering group and was laid on the table for Councillors to see. The drawing took account of the matters raised at the last trustee meeting and was accepted.

There was no indication as yet from LDNPA of their approval (or otherwise) of the wind turbine(s) (which would be needed to avoid taking electricity from the national grid) or of the separate area proposed for the caretaker’s accommodation. Mr Winter had been asked to raise these points of principle with LDNPA.

Consultants’ advice to 2030 Architects on the provision of off-grid energy and water treatment and provision has not yet been completed.

The dates for display of drawings for the local community to see and for them to hear from 2030 Architects were 19th July 2019 (5pm to 7pm at the Royal Hotel) and 2nd August 2019 (3pm to 5pm and 6pm to 7.30pm in the Matterdale Church Room) were nearly upon us and it was considered that now was the time for 2030 Architects to be asked to pursue outstanding matters and to prepare for the planning application. The Clerk was charged with asking 2030 Architects to take over from Mr Winter as planning consultants for the scheme. This would avoid duplication of consultants’ efforts and might speed things up; in addition, 2030 Architects would be in a position to answer immediately any questions from LDNPA on the scheme proposed.

A traffic assessment has been commissioned by 2030 Architects from Modal Highway Consultants as 2030 Architects have been advised that this is needed.

The steering group is to meet 2030 Architects again on Monday 5th August (12noon in the Royal).

4. Proposed Housing Development adjacent to “the Knotts”

The Clerk had asked Mr Winter to report progress but had not heard from him with the up-to-date position. Mr Winter has intended to have meetings with consultants on highway and drainage problems, as raised by objectors and LDNPA. No progress appeared to have been made since the steering group met Mr Winter on 1st March. He had had family problems but delay was causing uncertainty on funding available for the new Education/ Community building; the heavy and increasing costs were also a worry.

The Clerk was asked to express to Mr Winter the Trust’s concern at the lack of progress, to ask him to give priority to his work on the project and to enquire of him again how much the costs of the detailed enquiries on outstanding points were expected to be.

5. Finance

5.1 The Clerk reported on the state of the trust’s accounts: Skipton Building Society £212,155.34, Cumberland Building Society £100,852.54 and Penrith Building Society £100,612.46.

5.2 The Council approved payments from the trust to ACT of £50 for a course on fund-raising which Cllr McAlpine has offered to attend, to Dodd & Co for their work on the Accounts to 31st March 2019 ((£180 including VAT) and to Modal Highway Consultants, who are expected to bill £435 plus VAT for the traffic assessment referred to above.

6. The next charity meeting will be on 5th August 2019 at 7.00pm in Matterdale Church Room.


A meeting of Matterdale Parish Council acting as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation will be held on Monday 1st July 2019, for which the Agenda is as follows:-

1. Apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of interest by Councillors.

3. Approval of minutes of the last trustee meeting.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes.

5. To receive a report of progress re the proposed Educational and Community and decide what further actions are needed.

6. To review progress towards obtaining planning consent for residential development adjoining the Knotts, Matterdale

7. Financial

7.1 To receive the Clerk’s report.

7.2 Approval of any expenditure and identification of any expected expenditure before the next trustee meeting.

8. Any other business (for information only).

9. To agree next meeting date: 2nd September 2019 following Parish Council meeting to be proposed.

D. L. Brown

19th June 2019

Draft minutes of a meeting of Matterdale Parish Council acting as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation held on Monday 13th May 2019

All Councillors present, save Cllr Firth.

In attendance: the Clerk, Mr Brown.

1. Apologies for absence: as above.

2. Declarations of interest by Councillors: Cllrs. Gore and Crofts as members of MCA.

3. Cllr Castles and Cllr Lloyd were reappointed as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. Mr Brown was reappointed as Clerk; the charity will bear 2/5th of his remuneration.

4. Approval of minutes of the last trustee meeting on 4th March 2019. These were approved and signed as a true record.

5. Matters arising from previous minutes. None.

6. Finance/Annual return

 The Clerk had circulated draft accounts for the year to 31st March 2019. These had been prepared by Dodd & Co, who would file the Annual Return. The accounts were approved.

7. Investments Review, State of accounts and Expenditure

The balance on the Charity’s accounts are:- Skipton Building Society £210,244.59,Penrith BS £100,612.46, Cumberland BS current a/c £0, Deposit Account £100,500 plus interest added on 31st March 2019.

The Clerk will continue to look for opportunities to reduce individual account balances to £85,000 or less but in view of the need for readily available cash, especially to meet anticipated professional fees and building costs, it was accepted that bank or building society investment accounts (or current accounts) were appropriate, rather than other forms of investment.

£183.91 had been paid to BHIB for the annual insurance premium.

Mr Winter’s report on anticipated expenses of pursuing planning consent for the proposed residential development was awaited.

8. Proposed Housing Development by “the Knotts”

Mr Winter’s update had been asked for but was not yet to hand. The Clerk will circulate it when received.


9. New Community and Education Building on the Recreation Field

It was agreed that further progress should be delegated to a steering group comprising Cllrs McAlpine and Castles, with the Clerk, and that Cllr Gore and an additional nominee of MCA should be invited to attend meetings to represent MCA.

Cllrs Gore, McAlpine and Castles, with the Clerk, had met Ms Hart and Mr Hughes of 2030 Architects on 29th April 2019. The notes of meeting had recently been circulated. On matters then raised:-

9.1 It was agreed that the Clerk should sign off the Design Brief.

9.2 It was agreed that the design of the residential accommodation should be adaptable to occupation by a disabled person needing to use a wheel chair.

9.3 110 users (90 in hall: 20 in meeting room) was agreed as sufficient.

9.4 The site would not pass a percolation test, the Architects had been informed (Border Water Technologies Ltd having so advised). It appeared possible to discharge water into a watercourse on the further side of the highway, by means of a culvert to be laid under the highway. So far as those present were aware, there could be no landowner objection to a new culvert.

9.5 The meeting had considered whether energy supplied could be entirely off grid or not. If it were to be off grid, then wind power would be crucial to provide sufficient resources; accordingly, the planning application would need to provide for a wind turbine (pre-application consultation on this being desirable, Mr Hughes suggested); there was no councillor objection to this if thought fit.

Electricity Northwest had quoted £88k for a 3 phase electricity supply (£81k for 1Phase). This quote was based on the assumption (false according to Cllr Crofts) that the new cable would be led from a transformer on church land. That contrasted with a very rough estimate the Architects had made of £65k for fully off grid provision via a multiple of sources. It was agreed to ask for full information on the cost of and sufficiency of an off grid system and that the cost of a connection to the grid (that may mean a consultant would be needed, Cllr Holder suggested) should be reassessed, so that a decision could be made.

9.6 2030’s Budget tracker indicated that £270k would be available (after the costs of infrastructure and landscaping, which 2030 will include in their design for the site, have been taken into account) from the immediately available cash of £450k, to cover the cost of erecting a smaller 125sqm meter building, with sanitary facilities (20sqm), a store, plant room and entrance lobby. This would be so much less than is required in size, a larger hall, kitchen facilities, a meeting room and residential accommodation all being needed, it was agreed, that grant funding should be sought to supplement the cash available. It was agreed to identify and, if possible, appoint a suitable firm or person to help on the application for grants. The Clerk is to seek ACT’s advice on this.

9.7 An Ecological Specialist Survey will be needed, to be included with the planning application. The Clerk will see if the new District Councillor can help on this.

10. Next meeting dates:

Monday 3rd June 2019 11.00 am in the Royal Hotel for 2030 Architects to brief the steering group.

Monday 3rd June 2019 7.00pm in Matterdale School Room, if available( for the Charity to hear the outcome of the 11am meeting and authorize further progress as thought fit)

Monday 1st July 2019 in Watermillock Village Hall (following the Parish Council meeting)

Friday 19thJuly 2019 2.00pm in Matterdale Church room (or the Church) if available, for public information.

Friday 2nd August 2019 7.00pm in Matterdale Church room (or the Church) if available, at which 2030 Architects will be invited to explain the proposals and answer questions prior to the planning application being submitted.

 And Monday 2nd September 2019 following the Parish Council meeting in Matterdale Church room, if available.  

11. It was agreed that Cllrs Castles, McAlpine and Firth (if he is willing), supported by the Clerk, should meet with Cllr Gore and another nominated MCA trustee to discuss the proposed grant distributions from MCA funds (if and when surpluses are available) and agree the principles of the scheme, if possible. No date was set for such a meeting.

D. L. Brown 15th May 2019

Draft minutes of a meeting of Matterdale Parish Council acting as Trustee of Matterdale School Foundation held on Monday 4th March 2019 in Watermillock Village Hall

Present: Cllr Castles (in the Chair), Clls. Lloyd, Mrs. Wilson, Holder, Firth, Crofts, McAlpine,  Mrs Gaskell and Dobinson.

In attendance: Mr Brown, as Clerk.

1. Apologies accepted: Cllrs. Mrs Gore, Marshall and Shaw.

 2. Declarations of interest by Councillors: Cllrs. Gore and Crofts re Matterdale Community Association.

 3. Approval of minutes of the last trustee meeting: those of 7th January 2019 were approved after deletion of the otiose paragraph 8 and then signed.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes with regard to the proposed housing scheme:-

4.1 Cllr Firth has met with the objectors to the planning application for housing adjacent to the Knotts (Mr Winter being with him at the first two meetings). He has reported to Councillors on the outcome of each of the three meetings. He was warmly thanked for this work.

4.2 Mr Winter has recently summarized the outstanding issues with the application and how he intends to progress. His advice is that the application should not be withdrawn; when he has the full information to address the LDNPA’s concerns, he will contact Mr Long of LDNPA, to obtain the LDNPA view on whether the revisions can be treated as minor or whether they will necessitate a new application. The Clerk will at that stage respond to the objectors. Cllr McAlpine expressed concern about the possibility of abortive expense but was assured that Mr Winter remains optimistic that the concerns of LDNPA can be addressed and that the application will in due course be granted. It was agreed that Mr Winter should be asked to proceed as he had suggested.

4.3 Mr Winter, Cllrs Castles and Firth and Mr Brown had met Mr Foote and Mr Owen representing Heart of Eden Housing Association on 1st March 2019; they had expressed a strong interest in the scheme. They would make enquiries to satisfy themselves that there would be sufficient demand for the built scheme. The Clerk had shown them the site and indicated that the Council might be amenable to a detailed agreement for spoil to be spread on the Council’s retained land, to reduce inconvenience to those also using the access road and cost to the developer of taking the spoil elsewhere.

4.4 The Clerk had been contacted that day by Mr Tom Woof on behalf of Prospus. He had provided information for circulation on a co-operative scheme provided under the trade mark “eQualityHomes”, which he believed might be of interest to the Foundation in deciding how to proceed if and when planning consent is granted. It was agreed to note this further interest, which was for later consideration. A matter of principle involved was the degree (if any) of involvement of the Foundation in the selection of tenants or buyers of the built housing; a view had been expressed (in discussion with an objector) that the housing should be primarily for residents of the Matterdale Valley. Also, Mr Woof had said that there is now no need to provide “affordable housing” in the development of a “windfall” site: the Clerk has not yet looked into that possibility.

5. The Charity Commission had made the new Charity Scheme. It was noted that, as well as allowing funds to be used to build the proposed new Education/ Community Centre, it allowed grants to be made for education of local residents. The availability of funds for such grants would not be established until the as-built cost and related expense of the new Centre had been established and the new Centre was up and running, it was agreed.

6. The draft heads of terms for an Agreement to Lease and Lease of the proposed Centre had been noted and the Foundation concurred with the view taken by the Parish Council (sic) at the preceding meeting. It was agreed that Cllrs Gore and McAlpine with the Clerk should progress the building scheme proposed for the Recreation Field.

7. Approval of any expenditure, report on bank balances and comparison with budget.

7.1 The balances at 4th March 2019 on the Charity’s accounts were at Skipton Building Society £210,244.59 (payment of £1,620.49 having been made to the Council sic since the last meeting to repay its expenses to date undertaken on behalf of the Foundation), Penrith Building Society £100,612.46 (£112.46 in interest having been added since the last meeting) and Cumberland Building Society £100,500 (interest due 31st March 2019) .

7.2 The following expenditure was approved: £18 to Messrs Gaynham, King and Mellor, solicitors, for the supply of up-dated office copies to the land adjacent to the Knotts, the Old Schoolhouse and Hope Springs, £40 to the Data Commisioner for registration of the Foundation under Data Protection laws, £737.24 to the Clerk (for the Clerk’s net salary for the second half year of 2018/19 :£576.00, £104 for the Foundation’s share of his expense of working from home and £57.24 for the Foundation’s share of his allowable travelling expenses);also £144.00 PAYE.

8. The agreed next meeting date is Monday 13th May 2019 in Watermillock Village Hall following the Parish Council meeting.

A meeting of Matterdale Parish Council acting as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation will be held on Monday  7th January 2019, following the Parish Council meeting, for which the Agenda is as follows:-

1. Apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of interest by Councillors.

3. Approval of minutes of the last trustee meeting on 5th November 2018.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes, including progress on housing for Matterdale Site and claim by Mr and Mrs Schools re drainage defects.

5. To receive a report of progress towards the approval of a new Charity Scheme.

6. To review the business plan proposed by Matterdale Community Association for the new Education/ Community Centre, the next steps in the planning application and for agreement on heads of terms and a lease of the completed development.

7. To receive the Clerk’s report on the state of the Charity’s bank and building society accounts and to approve any expenditure (including  £18 for up-to-date office copies re proposed Matterdale Housing Development, fee for advert required by Charity Commission re new scheme,  and £500 plus VAT to Muckles LLp for its work on the new Charity Scheme).

8. Correspondence.

9.  Any other business (for information only).

10. To agree the next meeting date: 4th March 2019 following the 7.00pm Parish Council meeting at Watermillock Village Hall to be proposed.

D. L. Brown

Notes of Matterdale Parish Council meeting on 5th November 2018 as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation (“MSF”)

1. All Councillors present, save Cllr Firth, whose apologies were accepted. In attendance: Mr D L Brown as Clerk.

2.Declarations of interest: Cllrs Gore and Crofts as trustees of MCA.

3.Minutes of Charity Meetings

The minutes of the trust meeting on 3rd September 2018 were approved as slightly amended (para2-MCA, not MSF) and then signed.

4. Matters arising:-

4.1 The draft of a business plan for the proposed Education/Community Centre on the Recreation Field was expected to be considered by MCA before the next MSF meeting in January 2019. It would be circulated to Councillors in advance of that MSF meeting.

4.2 Objections had been lodged with LDNPA in relation to the proposed housing development adjacent to the Knotts. Notwithstanding the objections, the meeting approved unanimously the motion to allow the Application to take its course (the alternative of its withdrawl having been unanimously rejected).The need for additional housing in the Matterdale Valley and to make best use of the Charity’s assets both overrided the objections lodged, it was agreed.

Mr Winter would be asked to put the case for approval to the development committee.

5.The Clerk reported that an amended version of the proposed new charity scheme had been put to the Charity Commission for approval in September and the response was awaited.

6. Sale of New School

The sale had been completed on 11th September 2018, following service of a notice to complete. The net sale proceeds had been paid into the Charity’s account at Skipton Building Society.

Problems with the foul drainage of New and Old School are still being encountered. The new owners have written to assert that the Charity should pay the 66% of the cost of any repairs, which falls on the owners of the former Residential Centre under the covenant agreed when the Parish Council became its trustee. The Clerk advised that they have no claim in law by reason of the 28th February 2018 contract for sale, the terms of which were agreed with them. His reasons for so advising had been circulated to Councillors in advance of the meeting. The Clerk’s advice was accepted and he was instructed to inform them that the 66% of such expenses falls on them under the contract terms agreed with them, and the reasons for so advising.


7.1. The current balance on the Charity’s account at Skipton Building Society is £415,023.28. £500 stands to the credit of each of the Charity’s accounts at Cumberland Building Society and Penrith Building Society, in expectation that, to reduce the remote risk of any insolvency, a further £100,000 would be paid in the near future into each account now that the proceeds of sale of the New School have been transferred to the Charity’s account at Skipton Building Society.

7.2 Expenditure was approved as follows:-

£712.50 to Mr P Winter for his professional services.

£2,278.60 to Muckle LLP for their professional services.

£699 to Mr Brown for his net salary for the half year ending 30th September 2018 and £174 for the PAYE thereon

8. It was agreed to consider the need for trustee indemnity (and a possible Charitable Incorporated Organisation) at a later meeting, the Clerk to present his recommendations after discussion with Cllr Firth.

9. The next charity meeting will be on Monday 7th January 2019, following the Parish Council meeting at Watermillock Village Hall

Notes of Matterdale Parish Council meeting on 3rd September 2018 as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation (“MSF”)

1. All Councillors present, save Cllr Shaw, whose apologies were accepted.

In attendance: Mr D L Brown as Clerk.

2. Declarations of interest: Cllrs Gore and Crofts as trustees of MSF.

3. Minutes of Charity Meetings

3.1. The minutes of the trust meeting on 2nd July 2018 were approved and signed, incorporating the amendments circulated prior to the meeting.

3.2 The decision to publish the Charity’s minutes on the website was reviewed. So much of the current business of the Charity is sensitive, that full minutes should not, it was agreed, be published. A note to append to the publically available Parish Council minutes was deemed more appropriate, at least in the short term. The Clerk was asked to prepare such note after each meeting.

4. Matters arising:-

4.1The site plan to go to LDNPA with the planning application for the proposed housing development has been agreed by the steering committee (Cllrs Firth, MacAlpine and Holder). It is expected that Mr Winter will go ahead with the planning application in the next week or two. Mr Chris Mitchell has expressed an interest as purchaser.

4.2 Cllr Gore has responded to the ACT report on new objects for the Charity and her response is now on the Council website.

5. Proposed new Education/Community Building on the Recreation Field.

Cllrs Gore, Castles and MacAlpine had met with the Clerk prior to the meeting and were agreed that 2030 Architects should be appointed, once the sale of the New School had been completed and progress made towards an appropriate new Scheme. They had impressed at interview, their work on assessment of the conversion costs (New School to Village Hall) had been well received, they were local and their fee proposal competitive.

Their initial brief would be to prepare the drawings needed to support a planning application.

It was agreed that 2030 Architects should be appointed.


6.1. The current balance on the Charity’s account at Skipton Building Society is £39,276.96.

£43,000 has been received as the deposit on the sale of the New School. £500 has been paid to the credit of both new accounts at Cumberland and Penrith Building Societies, in expectation that a further £100,000 would be paid into each account when the proceeds of sale of the New School had been transferred to the Charity’s account at Skipton Buiding Society.

6.2 Expenditure since the last meeting (all of which was approved):-

£15 to Matterdale Parochial Church Council for the meeting fee (27th June 2018)

£780 to Dodd & Co for accountancy services

£2,509.10 to Mr P Winter for his professional services

£45 to Eden District Council for Council tax and £32.49 to E_ON for electricity (both to be recovered on sale of the New School)

6.3 Further payments approved were:-

£144 to Dodd &Co for preparation and submission of the Charity’s Annual return to the Charity Commission (now filed)

£3,270.78 to Mr G Norman, architect, for his work on the proposed new housing development

7. Cllr Gore and Mr Paul Goodman of MCA have prepared the outline of a business plan for MCA to run the new Education/ Community Building. This needs further work. They will meet with the Clerk at an early date, in the hope that a business plan will be available to put to the parish council at its next meeting.

The Clerk will also discuss with them the outline of an agreement for lease of the site once the agreed building has been erected, so that, before substantial construction costs are incurred, the Council has in place an obligation on MCA to take the Lease and run the new facility.

The next charity meeting will be on 5th November 2018, following the Parish Council meeting in the Matterdale Church Room..






The Matterdale School Foundation would like to thank all those who took part in the consultation conducted by ACTion with Communities in Cumbria on behalf of MSF. MSF was very pleased that so many members of the community engaged with the process by completing the survey, by attending the consultation events and by giving detailed comments. The full report from ACT is now posted on the Matterdale Parish Council website under Matterdale School Foundation, so please do take the time to read it.


The overall results indicate that there is  substantial majority in support of changing the objects to broaden them to include both the advancement of education, and the provision of facilities for social and recreational activities. A minority of respondents to the consultation did not agree with changing the objects and, not surprisingly, raised objections. Some of the objections were not related directly to the change of objects, but were concerned with associated matters : the use of the New School, the location of any potential new build centre, and its viability.


The objections fell into a number of broad categories.


1. One group of comments centred on the view that the New School could have been retained as an educational and community building, and that money could have been found to refurbishing it to modern standards.


2. A second group of comments focussed on the change of beneficiaries from children to the whole community expressing the view that the beneficiaries should remain the children of the valley either via individual educational grants or grants to local schools.


3. A third group of comments expressed the concern that any new centre would not be financially viable: that there was insufficient need in the community and that there were other local village halls the community could use.


4. Fourthly, there was concern about the possible location of any new build centre in open countryside and that a village centre site should be sought.



Matterdale School Foundation has considered these objections, and thought about how to respond to them and to take them into account.


  1. Retain the New School as a community centre.

    Strictly speaking the wish to retain the New School as a community centre is not directly related to the change of objects as it is likely this would have required MSF to apply for a change in the Charity objects anyway. However, a number of people clearly felt that the New School should have been retained for community use. MSF did seriously consider the possibility of refurbishing the New School. The New School is a much loved and beautiful building and it was with considerable difficulty that the trustees eventually decided that refurbishing and maintaining it was not economically viable, and reluctantly agreed to sell it. The cost of refurbishing it and replacing it by a new build similar sized building was broadly similar and the running and maintenance costs were estimated to be significantly more (a four fold difference was quoted) for a refurbished New School. (These estimates were provided by a local architects firm). Additionally MSF had limited assets to put towards the refurbishment of the New School and would have been highly dependent on grants from funding bodies many of whom were no longer giving large grants. Selling it makes available the proceeds for a possibly new build community centre, augmented by smaller grants from funding bodies.


2.  The children of the Parish should remain the sole beneficiaries of the charity.

   The School Foundation has taken into account the view that the beneficiaries should  remain the children of the Parish either through educational grants or through supporting local schools, and consider that it is important to retain this aspect of the charity’s activities within the proposed change of objects. The trustees did discuss whether it would be possible to specify an amount that could be put to one side for this purpose at this point in time, but, take the view that it would be inappropriate to do so until the financial situation of MSF and the cost of the possible new build is clearer. MSF is committed to maximise the amount available for educational grants through working to keep the cost of any new build within budget and through applying for grants towards the cost of a new build centre, so freeing up existing funds for educational grants. Additionally any income not needed for the running and maintenance of the new centre will be put towards the funds for grants. MSF will need to consider how to administer the educational grant fund, consulting with local schools and others, and may need to ask a local body, for example, Cumbria Community Foundation, to administer the fund on its behalf.


3.  Would an educational and community centre be financially viable, and would it be used?


MSF has investigated the financial sustainability of a possible new centre through looking in detail at the financial footing of a number of community centres with a similar population and geographical spread to Matterdale, through the level of interest and support shown for the events and activities that have been put on in the valley, and through the evidence from community consultations. Additionally it has the evidence of use and financial viability when the New School was run as a field centre and was used by local schools and other children’s groups. The evidence from all these sources indicated that a centre would be financially sustainable: it would support a range of educational activities for children and children’s groups; provide educational, recreational and sporting activities for the local community; provide a venue for parties and celebrations; and where appropriate a venue for meetings and more commercial activities. However a detailed business plan has not previously been drawn up, and this will now be rectified. MCA, who, it is proposed, will be running the Centre, have been asked to draw up a full business plan to be available by the beginning of September 2018 for the next MSF meeting. Currently some Matterdale residents use the Village Hall at Watermillock for recreational activities. At the instigation of Watermillock Village Hall Committee, MCA and Watermillock Village Hall Committee will liaise closely and co-ordinate the planning of future activities and events in order to reduce unhelpful competition and to increase the possibility that residents of both areas will in the future attend activities in each other’s facilities.


4.  Location of a possible new build on open countryside.


Members of the local community are aware that one possible site of a new build is what is known as the “recreation or sports field” located on the road between the Church and Moor End Farm. A number of people expressed concern about this location in the open countryside, and about its distance from clusters of population. MSF did try very hard to find a potential site closer to clusters of houses as it was also concerned about a potential new build on open countryside. Unfortunately, no such site has so far been made available. A new build on any site will require planning permission. In the discussions MSF have had with LDNP about the recreation field, they have made it quite clear that such a site would only be considered, and only for the specific purpose of a community centre, if no other more suitable site was forthcoming, if its design was in keeping with the type of buildings (barns) found in open countryside, and if it had sensitive and appropriate landscaping. Whatever the location, members of the community will be given the opportunity to comment on the proposed design of any potential new build.


Matterdale School Foundation would very much appreciate feedback on our response to the objections raised. We would also be happy to explain our understanding of ACT’s report, but any comments about the results, or their interpretation, should be addressed directly to ACT.


MSF feel it is very important that people’s views are heard, so please send them to David Brown at , or to him at “Hesleyside”, Watermillock, Penrith, CA11 0JH, by Monday 3 September 2018.

Notes of Matterdale Parish Council meeting on 27th June 2018 as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation (“MSF”), as amended at meeting on 2nd July 2018

All Councillors present, except Cllrs Firth,Marshall and Gaskell. In attendance: Mr D L Brown as Clerk.

  1. The note of the trustee meeting on 14th May 2018 was approved as circulated (but with amendment of the date of the next meeting to Wednesday 27th June 2018) and then signed as a true record.

  2. Declarations of interest: Cllrs Gore and Crofts as members of Matterdale Community Association.

  3. Matters arising

    1. The Clerk had circulated the valuation of the Recreation Field received from Mr Green of PFK on 25th June 2018. This is a valuation for the Parish Council sic and the meeting was asked if a second valuation was required by the Charity. Assuming the Parish Council sic accept the valuation for its credit in keeping account of the respective inputs into the proposed Community and Education Building on the site, the meeting decided that the Charity would accept it.

    2. The valuation of the same date by Mr Green of the housing development site adjacent to “the Knotts” in the sum of £100k approx was noted. That valuation assumes the planning consent for four houses (two affordable and two local needs, as sketched for the proposed planning application) is granted. The planning application is to be submitted and the site then (if planning consent is granted as expected) offered for sale on the open market via PFK.

    3. Conditions have not recently been favourable for the seeding of land disturbed by the Ogilvie operations at the Old Schoolhouse (the weather having been predominately hot and dry since the last meeting) but the Clerk will check that the seeding will be done when conditions are favourable.

  4. ACT consultation on new objects for the Charity

The 9pp ACT Report of its consultation on new charity objects had been circulated by the Clerk. In short, of the 189 posted questionnaires sent by ACT to all those on the electoral roll for Matterdale Polling District, 81 responses had been received by ACT , of which 75% favoured the draft of the proposed new objects settled by the Charity Commission, 12% disagreed and 12% felt unable to agree or disagree.

A correction to the Report was, it was agreed, to be sought to para 6 of the Report (para 3 under the heading “Written Responses”), as it was the Chair of the Virtual Village Hall committee of MCA, not the Chair of MCA itself, who  had emailed in support of the proposed new objects. Otherwise the Report was accepted.

The meeting was satisfied that the consultation had been properly carried out by ACT and that support was sufficient for the meeting to approve the application to the Charity Commission to make a new Scheme. The Clerk suggested that the restriction to cooperation with only a “statutory authority” in the maintenance and management of the proposed community centre was unduly restrictive and (in particular)inconsistent with the intention to lease the Centre to Matterdale Community Association (a charitable incorporated organisation who would be responsible under its lease for maintenance and management.). It was agreed that the Clerk should ask Muckle LLP to suggest an appropriate amendment to the Charity Commission, in reporting the outcome of the consultation and applying on behalf of the Charity for the new Scheme to be made (proposed Cllr Shaw; seconded Cllr Holder: agreed unanimously) .

The meeting did not consider that any of the objections received should cause a rethink on the new objects to be sought but did resolve that there be consultation with the local community on the design of the proposed new building and the business plan for its use when built.

It was agreed that the 9pp report, when corrected, should appear in the Matterdale School Foundation section of the Parish Council website and that a brief progress report should be sent to the Editor of “Together”, the next edition of which would go out in late August or early September.

  1. Sale of the New School

The Clerk reported that the buyer had failed to complete the purchase of the New School by the end of May as required under the sale contract. The Charity was being asked for a three months (maximum) extension, as a variation of the contract terms. This lead to discussion, following which it was resolved to grant the buyer a three month extension on terms recommended by the Clerk.

The current balance on the Charity’s account at Skipton Building Society stood at £1,459.42, the Clerk reported. £45 had been paid out for Council Tax on the New School and £924 was required to be paid to LDNPA as the fee on the planning application for the housing development referred to above These two payments were agreed, as well as the £15 meeting fee to be paid to Matterdale PCC for the use of the Church room that night.

  1. It was decided that past notes of the meetings of the Parish Council as charity trustee which had been intended to be confidential should remain confidential.

  2. Other Business

8.1. The Clerk reported that electricity charges for the New School were being recovered from Mrs Schools; he had continued the supply agreement with EON but on different terms.

8.2. The consultation period on the new LDNPA local plan was due to expire on 29th June 2018, it was noted; it was agreed that any responses should be by individual councillors on their own behalf, rather than by the Charity.

  1. The Council will next meet as trustee on Monday 2nd July 2018 after the Parish Council meeting in Watermillock Village Hall.

Draft minutes of a meeting of Matterdale Parish Council acting as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation held on Monday 5th March 2018

All Councillors present, save Cllrs Shaw and Marshall.

In attendance: the Clerk, Mr Brown

1. Apologies for absence: as above.

2. Declarations of interest by Councillors: Cllrs Gore and Crofts as members of MCA.

3. Approval of minutes of the last trustee meeting on 22nd February 2018.

These were amended to refer in para 5 to refer to “the Buyer” of the New School and to make clear that ACT have offered four hours support work without charge (two hours of which cover the first meeting with Ms Aitken) and to correct the fee quoted to £1,200 for four days work. They were then approved and signed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes.

4.1 the sale of the New School;

 Contracts have been exchanged and 10% deposit paid to MSF’s solicitors as stakeholders. At the Buyer’s request, the completion date has been extended to 31st May 2018, unless the Buyer asks for earlier completion.

There needs to be vacant possession on completion, so the clearance (mainly of unsalable items) needs to be organized. Cllr Castles will check that there is nothing he believes would be better sold, or retained for MCA to use when there is a new building available. Then MSF will need to arrange for a commercial firm to clear the building and dispose of the unusable goods.

There were in the old hall two old paintings of historic interest which the Bielbys had offered to restore for hanging in the new building. Cllr MacAlpine will enquire progress and establish where the paintings are to be kept meanwhile.

4.2 The proposed site for an Educational and Community building on the Recreation Field.

The Parish Council will need to value the freehold. Mr Green of PFK will be instructed. If MSF wishes to do so, it will engage its own valuer.

5.  The potential planning application for housing on the land north east of the Old Schoolhouse, Matterdale.

Cllrs Holder, Firth and MacAlpine will meet to review the proposed development and if they think fit the planning application will be submitted without delay. The Clerk will ask Mr Green to value the land to be offered for sale by MSF when planning permission has been granted.

Meetings with one or more housing associations in advance of the land being offered for sale would be of limited value, the Clerk considered.

New government guidelines for affordable housing may be relevant but the impact of any such guidelines had not yet been assessed, regulations being anticipated.

6.  The consultation process required by the Charity Commission before a new scheme would be made.

Cllrs Castles, Gore and MacAlpine had met with the Clerk that morning. Their recommendations (which were accepted) were:-

6.1 Cllr MacAlpine would take the leading role in the consultation process (thus avoiding any legitimate allegations of conflict of interest for trustees of MCA, current or former).

6.2 Before 15th March, Cllrs will review the proposed letter to electors and FAQs, which the Clerk had laid on the table for consideration by Councillors. The Clerk will then revise the drafts, to be reviewed and, hopefully settled, by 1st April, so that the documents were available to all Councillors before any pre-consultation event.

6.3 There would be three pre-consultation events:-

6.3.1 On Sunday 1st April at Matterdale Church at c 1pm, when the traditional Easter egg search would be taking place.

6.3.2 On Saturday 21st April at c 12.30pm at the Royal Hotel, when MCA would be holding a barbeque in the newly erected marquee.

6.3.3 On Friday 27th April in the Royal Hotel at 6pm, when MSF would hold an open meeting.

6.4 The Clerk had prepared a letter to Ms Hellen Aitken of ACT which set out how the consultation might progress. It was agreed that the scope of the consultation and the method suggested in his letter was acceptable, amended to clarify that MSF were to advance education and provide facilities for educational and social activities for residents.

Cllr MacAlpine and the Clerk will meet Ms Aitken as soon as possible to progress the preparations for the consultation.

The Chairman emphasized that what was required was a consultation, not a vote. When the outcome of the consultation is known, it will be for all Councillors (not just those from the Matterdale Ward) to decide how to proceed.

7. Finance

 7.1 The Clerk reported that the balance on the Charity’s account at Skipton Building Society stood at £1,725.57.

7.2 Approval of any expenditure and identification of any expected expenditure before the next trustee meeting:-

£180 is to be paid to Dodd &Co for dealing with the Charity’s annual return.

2/5ths of the Clerk’s outstanding 2017/18 salary (and the PAYE thereon) and his travel and home office use will fall on the Charity

Planning fees re the proposed housing development, fees for various professional services and clearance expenses, some Council tax and, perhaps, electricity costs relevant to the New School are likely to be paid before the next meeting.

8. Any other business - None.

9. Next meeting date: Monday 14th May 2018 following Parish Council AGM.

D. L. Brown

6th March 2018

Notes of Matterdale Parish Council meeting on 22 February 2018 as trustee of Matterdale School Foundation (“MSF”)

All Councillors present, save Mrs Gore, Mr Crofts, Mrs Gaskell, Mr Firth and Mr Marshall. In attendance: Mr D L Brown as Clerk.

  1. The note of the trustee meeting on 8th January 2018 was approved as circulated and signed as a true record.

  2. The Clerk reported that the Charity Return due by 31st January 2018 had been filed.

  3. The public meeting at Royal Hotel on Friday 12th January at 6.30pm. held to inform Matterdale ward residents of progress with the intended new Education/Community building, had been held. The notes taken have been circulated to Councillors. Those present (c50 people) in the main, but with one or two dissenters, expressed support for the development of the Recreation Field. There were various detailed concerns (principally parking and access) and the notes attached will be referred to as the detail of the scheme is developed.

  4. The Clerk reported that Cllr Casltles, MacAlpine and he had met with Mr Winter (advising the Council) and Mr Long of LDNPA on 19th January 2018. The main points to note were:-

    1. Mr Long remains to be persuaded that the Recreation Field is an acceptable site for a new Community facility (but he did not rule it out). He certainly would not have accepted a non-agricultural purpose (eg housing) there.

 He would want to know what alternative sites (if any) were available.

 As to siting and design, he favoured a barn-like appearance, save perhaps on the southern elevation facing Gowbarrow Fell. He felt the main building should abut the highway. He did not demur when it was suggested to him that a car park for 50 cars (with overflow at the rear) should be located at the front of the site. Although he was told that a lot of further consideration would be needed before any planning application was submitted, Mr Cleasby’s latest drawings were presented to him; he appeared to accept the sizing of the facility. A small outbuilding close to the highway at the west end of the site would be acceptable, he thought.

He emphasized that he was concerned about the landscaping of the site, as well as the building(s) design and appearance. He repeated that his views were “without prejudice” as until the detail is further developed it would be presumptious to expect his approval (in principle or in detail).

  1. Mr Long was asked if he could now recommend the grant of planning permission for the New School as applied for and urged by the Parish Council. He asked the Councillors to note that if that proposal is implemented, it reduced the options for siting a replacement Community building. Nevertheless, on balance, he would recommend LDNPA to approve the application and issue the decision notice in the next week or so.

  1. The Clerk reported that, the planning consent for the New School having been issued and the detail of the sale contract having been agreed with Mrs Schools, he expected early exchange of contracts for its sale at the agreed price, for completion, at her request, no later than 30th April 2018.

The proceeds when received would be placed on short term deposit with banks or building societies, it was agreed. The Clerk was authorized to open as many accounts as necessary, in particular to keep the investment below the £85k maximum for compensation if the institution became insolvent. It was agreed that the signatories would be the Clerk, Cllrs Lloyd and Dobinson (any two of the three to sign). The Clerk expected to open accounts with Cumberland Building Society and Penrith Building Society, as well as investing part of the proceeds in the existing Skipton Building Society account.

  1. The Clerk reported that, the most recent correspondence with the Charity Commission having required a formal consultation on the proposed new Scheme, he and Cllr Gore had met the previous day with Mrs Helen Aitken of Action for Communities in Cumbria (“ACT”). They were both satisfied that the consultation should be carried out by an independent body and that ACT had the necessary experience of consultations with communities to carry out the consultation.

The cost discussed was a fee of £1,200 for the four hours work required of ACT if instructed. If face-to face meetings between ACT and consultees were to be required, the budget would need to be upped by £1,200, Mrs Aitken said. Cllr Gore and the Clerk thought that face-to face meetings were unlikely to be needed.

Mrs Aitken was strongly of the view that, to raise awareness among a wide section of the community, events (probably of a drop-in nature, which she would help with and/or attend if required) should be held (perhaps in the Royal Hotel and/or Matterdale Church,or its room) in advance of the formal consultation, that the formal consultation should be done by post (not face to face, unless the postal method was a failure) and that a questionnaire (to be completed by each household anonymously) be drafted by ACT after further discussion with the Council’s representatives.

Cllr Gore suggested that one from the Parish Council and two from Matterdale Community Association should join her to plan the events.

Mrs Gore and Mr Brown are to provide a list of households to ACT, the consultees, being limited to those who are, or will be then, be members of Matterdale Community Association and those on the electoral register for the Matterdale Ward at 1st February 2018. The four schools serving the Matterdale ward (two primary and two secondary) were also potential consultees, it was agreed.

To allow time to plan the pre consultation events and hold them, it was felt that we should aim for the formal consultation to take place in May 2018.

“Together”, noticeboards and the website would also be used to provide information on the consultation and the proposed scheme. The siting of the proposed building and especially its design detail would not be part of the consultation, so that consultees’ minds are focused on the proposed Scheme itself. Cllrs Gore and Castles would work up a consultation brief, in co-operation with the Clerk.

The results of the Consultation and its detail (such as ages of consultees) would be fed by ACT into a County Council facility which ACT use called “Have Your Say”. That allows the responses to be on-line, with postal responses fed in as part of the data. The outcome would be fed back to the Parish Council as soon after the end of the consultation period as possible.

The report was accepted and its recommendations approved.

Cllr Holder admitted having come comparatively recently onto the Parish Council but he had reservations as to whether another community building is needed in the area, relatively close as it would be to (eg) Watermillock Village Hall (he did not mention but it was known to the meeting that he is a committee member there).

After discussion, and in the light of the history of the proposal and the want of good faith if the proposal were now to be abandoned, it was agreed to proceed. Those Councillors who have recently joined the Council, were invited to contact Cllr Gore to see the details of the extensive enquiries as to the need for and financial viability of the  scheme, which she and her Matterdale Community Association colleagues have made, and  the reports of which have persuaded the Council that the new facility planned should go ahead, despite the reservations expressed to date by various members of the community.

  1. The Clerk asked that the basis of ownership of the site and the proposed new building be discussed at this stage, so that he could take further advice from Dodd & Co, Accountants, on the VAT implications of the proposed building scheme at the Recreation Field. His suggestion was that the freehold remain with the Parish Council but it be agreed, in principle, and recorded by minutes when the final costs are known, that the equity (ie in particular the net proceeds of any sale) be held in proportion to the contribution in cash or kind (ie the value of the site). So, if the site is valued at £10k for example, contribution of the Parish Council as such would be £75k and the charity’s contribution is £400k the fractions would be 85/485 Parish Council as such: 400/485 Matterdale School Foundation. The Council did not demur and the Clerk will discuss his proposal with Dodd & Co. The intention to let the completed building and site to Matterdale Community Association on a long lease would remain unchanged, the Clerk said.

  2. The Council authorized Cllrs Castles, Gore, MacAlpine and the Clerk to take forward the selection of Architects by interview of a short list of three firms from among firms recommended by Mr Winter. The initial brief would go out to the short-listed firms, in a form agreed between Mr Winter and those four. The interviews and provisional selection would be timed prior to the outcome of the consultation, with a view to instruction as soon as possible after the end of the consultation period and availability of its results.

  3. The selected architects would be asked to work with Galpin Landscape Architecture Limited, of Kendal, who had been recommended by Mr Winter as well qualified for the work and likely to charge competitively.

  4. The amended drawings of the proposed four houses (two “local occupancy”: two “affordable”) east of the Old Schoolhouse have been agreed by Cllrs Macalpine, Holder and Firth as the Council’s stearing group, and discussed by Mr Winter with Mr Long of LDNPA. The revised siting, further from the access highway, meets with Mr Long’s approval. Mr Winter is almost ready to go with the planning application. It was agreed that he should be instructed to submit the application, with a view to the site being offered for sale on the open market with the benefit of planning consent. It was agreed that the Council has neither the capacity or the expertise to act as the developer, and it was not open to the Council to extend the proposed Scheme to include housing providers.

Mr Winter has already identified two housing associations who may be interested; however their best offer may be below market value and, as a Charity, any such offer could not be accepted. A report under s119 (c) Charities Act, 2011, would need to be considered before any sale contract could be entered into, the Clerk advised.

  1. The current balance on the Charity’s account at Skipton Building Society is £3,961.07; expenses were approved, as follows- £900 to Muckles, Solicitors, for their further work,£348 to Spatial Data Ltd for the topographical report on the proposed housing development site, £180 to Dodd & Co for completing the Charity Return, £807.50 to Mr Winter for part of the work done to date.

  2. It was agreed that the notes of the Charity trustee’s meetings (for this and future meetings) should not, in general, need to be kept confidential. The draft notes would be distributed to all Councillors and, subject to any correction in the ensuing seven days, would be put on the parish Council website.

  3. The Council will next meet as trustee on Monday 5th March 2018 after the Council meeting.

D.L.Brown—24th February 2018

Time line for “Village Hall.”


Matterdale had a well functioning and well attended village hall in the old school for many years. This gradually fell into disrepair in the 1990’s.

Since then, initially led by Keith Clark, there have been various initiatives to try to get a village hall established.

Keith and the Matterdale Parish Council began negotiations with Cumbria County Council for the MPC to take over the trusteeship of the Matterdale School Foundation which owned the new School. Negotiations also began with the Charity Commission to enable the new School to be used for both educational and community purposes.


Jan 2013. Public Meeting held by MPC. Two questions were asked.

Should MPC proceed with becoming the trustee of the School Foundation.

If the answer to the first question was yes, should The School foundation sell the new School and the proceeds then be made available  for “grants” for School aged children in Matterdale, or should it try to re-establish a new Community Centre in the new School.

60 people attended, there was unanimous agreement with the first proposition, and 59 people voted in favour of the School  Foundation seeking to re-establish a Centre.


2015/6 agreement from Cumbria County Council that MPC could take over the trusteeship of MSF.


2015. Survey commissioned by MPC to  find out if there was an ongoing need for a community centre, what activities did the community want. 50% response rate, 62% thought a Centre was needed in Matterdale, 23% we’re unsure and 14% thought it was not needed.


October 2015 Public meeting held by MPC. Survey results feedback. Consensus was for MPC to take forward the planning of a new community centre, either at the new School or a new build, and that the Matterdale Community Association, originally set up by Keith Clark, should be reinstated with new trustees to take forward the community activities.


2016 - 2017. On going communication between MSF and the Charity Commission.  Which Tyrone will say more about.


January 2016. MSF commissioned an evaluation of the relative costs of refurbishing the new School versus a new build on land owned either by the MPC or MSF. Outcome was that the costs of both were relatively similar (region of £350,000-400,000), with significant advantage to a new build in that the proceeds from the sale of the new School could be available for the new build and the running and maintenance costs of the new build would be significantly smaller. MSF decide to go ahead with a new build, preferred site Recreation field.


April 2016. Meeting with planners re new build, and submission of draft pre application letter. August 2016 planners reply strongly that a site should be found with proximity to Dockray.


January 2016 - ongoing. MCA is re-established and starts organising a series of events and activities. May 2016 to September 2016 weekly events (singing,  ceilidhs,  pop up restaurants, pop up and play, dog shows, bake offs, concerts for children and adults, etc) in a marquee purchased by MPC and located at the Royal Hotel in Dockray. Very successful, attended by significant number of people, different people for different events. Showed if things out on people would come and also that  we needed a building, as this level of activity was not sustainable in a temporary structure.  Subsequently events have been organised once every couple of months 


September 2016-December 2017. MSF explored the possibility for a new build site nearer to Dockray, but eventually it was realised that no suitable site was available and decided in December 2017 to re-consider the recreation field. Began further discussions with LDNP.


Summer 2017. MSF employed a designer to work on outline plans for the new build working in conjunction with MCA who advised on dimensions and range of rooms required based on extensive research of local village halls and the activities the community had said they would like to see available.

Matterdale School Foundation (“MSF”)

Notes of Consultation meeting on 12th January 2018  

A note of those attending is appended.

  1. Mrs Veronica Gore was invited by Dr. T Castles, as Chair of MSF, to explain the general background and the proposal to erect a new Education/Community building on the Recreation Field owned by the Parish Council.

  2. Her notes are attached. The preliminary design plans for the new building were displayed outside the meeting room.

  3. Mr Castles added that Mr Winter was working on behalf of the Parish Council as planning consultant. Contact with LDNPA had established that the most acceptable form of building, from a planning perspective, was a building stone faced on three sides, comparable to a traditional Lakeland barn. A further meeting with LDNPA is planned for the following Friday, he said. He then invited questions.

  4. Mrs Nixon asked what provision would be made for car parking; Mrs Gore said that the detail had not been discussed as yet but she felt that provision for onsite car parking should accommodate about 50 cars but advice would be sought from the planners.

  5. Mr Martin Kelso asked why the New School was not being utilized as a village hall. The answer given was that 2030 Architects had compared the cost of its adaption to the cost of a new building and the figures came out approximately the same at £300/£350k. It would, however, be significantly less expensive to run a modern building. Moreover, there was hope that New School proceeds would go some way to covering the building costs.

He also pointed out that the New School had a residential part, which would bring a much needed house at low cost to the area. Dr Castles confirmed that the plan was to incorporate a caretaker’s flat in the new building.

 He thought the cost of providing services to a new building on the Recreation Field might be prohibitive; Dr Castles said a costing had not yet been obtained, but, as the field already had water laid on and there is a nearby electricity transformer, such costs should not be a major stumbling block.

  1. Mr Nixon drew attention to the access from the minor road to A5091; he regards it as a potential danger; the possibility of reducing danger there should be looked at. Dr Castles agreed that, if a planning application is made, that should be taken account of in the highway assessment, and no doubt would be. In addition, the possibility of providing a footpath link along the side of the minor road from the Dockray to Matterdale Church path should be looked at, Mr Nixon said. Prof Brian Clark recollected a footpath leading to Ulcat Row but thought it may now be blocked.

  2. A question was raised as to the need to include a flat within the new building. Dr Castles said it would help to have accommodation for a caretaker, thus relieving local residents from some of the work necessary to sustain the use of the facility and would also provide local accommodation.

The area shown on the drawings for toilets was questioned; it was explained that it was intended to include showers in that area, necessary if the building was to be used by groups for scouting and the like.

  1. Mrs Gore reminded the meeting that MSF is an educational charity; therefore, to persuade the Charity Commission to allow New School proceeds to be used as part of the building costs, the educational purpose of the new building was essential. She was asked what other purposes the New School proceeds could be used for. Correspondence with the Charity Commission is ongoing, she explained: Dr Castles added that he did not expect all the proceeds to be needed to fund the cost of construction. Grants may be available to meet part of such costs. Once the building is in profit, he hoped that educational prizes could be paid.

  2. Mr Martin Kelso expressed the hope that sports such as tennis might be available; Mrs Gore agreed that that was possible, along with a range of other such facilities, perhaps croquet and badminton.

  3. Mr Paul Airey claimed that there was a segment of the community who had serious reservations about the proposal to provide a community centre, and asked whether the proceeds from any sale of the New School could be put to other uses. Dr Castles indicated that negotiations on the appropriate use of the proceeds are continuing with the Charity Commission. Mr Crofts pointed out that there had already been two or three open meetings and a questionnaire, all of which suggested that the great majority of the local community wanted such a building to be provided, rather than the proceeds being used for any other purposes.

  4. Mr Martin Kelso asked that young residents particularly should be consulted; Dr Castles agreed.

  5. Mr David Garner said that the LDNPA officers should not be effectively the designers of the new building; he asked that architects be engaged, perhaps by competition. This view was supported by Mr Nixon.

Cllr Hughes said that the restrictions LDNPA would impose would need to be adhered to but that did not mean that there is no room for imaginative design work.

Mr Goodman reported that, at a recent meeting, MCA trustees had decided to recommend to MSF that, in order to achieve the best design possible for any new build, it would be important to employ an architect and suggested holding a small informal competition.

Dr Castles said he did not favour a long, drawn out design process but Dr Castles and Mrs Gore agreed that the involvement of at least one firm of architects might be desirable before the building design was finalised.

Mr Harrison agreed that dialogue with the planning officer was necessary.

  1. In answer to a further question from Mr Garner, it was explained that efforts to find a suitable site in Dockray had not been successful. The Recreation Field, being available, was felt to be the chosen site, if any progress was to be made in the foreseeable future.

The following is a list of signatories who attended the MSF meeting at The Royal Hotel, Dockray on 12th January 2018