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The document below is the Matterdale Neighbourhood Plan which was approved by

referendum for on 15th October 2015 and has now been adopted by LDNPA planners.




Matterdale Neighbourhood Plan

                                                          Matterdale Parish Council


                                                                                                  From the Clerk,

            8th October  2014                                                      Mr D.L.Brown


                                                                                                  Watermillock                                                                                                                                                     PENRITH,                                                                                                                                                           Cumbria

                                                                                                  CA11 0JH


Dear Elector,


            Matterdale Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan-"Pre-submission" draft


            Thank you for the response last June to the Consultation Questionnaire. We had 103 responses from 331 electors, which was very satisfactory.


            As you will know, if you attended either of the public meetings in July, we analysed the responses to establish where there was  a majority view for the various proposals and then Tom Woof has drafted (and the Parish Council and its working party have refined) the draft plan, which is now open to consultation with statutory authorities and electors until 17th November 2014.


            The draft Plan can be seen on the website of H&H Land and Property Ltd (Tom Woof's firm), which is (Go to "Planning", then "Consultations" on that site). I have put a copy of the plan for viewing in Watermillock Village Hall (reading room- red ring binder), Brackenrigg Inn, Royal Hotel, Matterdale Church and Watermillock Church. I can post you a copy if you wish: please send me £3 to cover printing and postage.


            Your comments, which should please be sent to Mr Woof as set out on p1 of the draft plan, are invited by 17th November, when the Working Party will review the result of this consultation, ready to report to the Parish Council at its meeting on 1st December (7.30pm in Watermillock Village Hall).


            In 2015 there will be a final consultation period and an independent examination. By 7th May 2015 all the procedures should have been completed for the referendum on the Plan to be held that day. If the majority vote at the Referendum is in favour of the Plan, it becomes a planning policy document, relevant to LDNPA decisions during the period of the Plan's effect.


Yours Sincerely,



                                                David L Brown    (Clerk to the Council )                                   



Draft Press release 8th October 2014




Significant progress has been made to prepare the way for a Neighbourhood Plan in Matterdale Parish under the Localism Act, 2011. Earlier in the year the Parish Council gave the go ahead to a group of local people, chaired by Michael Toulmin to consult and prepare the plan.


 All those on the register of electors were consulted in June on what they would like to see go into the Plan. 103 out of 331 electors responded and public meetings were held in July so that the result of these consultations could be fed back to those present.


If approved it will be a land use Plan (relevant to development for which planning permission is needed) and will be referred to by the Lake District National Park Authority as local planning authority, when it comes into effect. It will be in general conformity with the strategic plans of LDNPA, but will add to its relevant policies some local particulars.


The draft of the Plan was taken to the Parish Council for its approval on 1st October. It now goes to the National Park, Eden District Council and other statutory consultees. Electors have the opportunity of commenting by 14th November. The draft plan can be viewed on the website at  or (at a cost of £3) a copy can be obtained from the Clerk to the Council, Mr David L. Brown of “Hesleyside”, Watermillock, Penrith CA11 0JH (tel 017684-86380 or 077-785-91049) .


Comments should be sent to Mr Tom Woof of H&H Land and Property Ltd, Borderway, Montgomery Way, Carlisle,CA1 2RS who is the Planning Consultant advising the Parish Council.


After any necessary revisions and independent examination, the Plan is expected to be put to electors at a referendum in May 2015.A simple majority in favour of those voting will make it effective.


The Parish Council acknowledge the assistance received by a grant awarded by the Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme led by Locality in association with RTPI/Planning Aid England, CDF and partners, available through the My Community Rights website. 


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