The Parish Council holds two pieces of grazing land, which are offered (subject to contract) in one lot or two for eight months from 1st April each year.

The Rushmire Land extends to c4.64 hectares (c11.47 acres).It lies north-east of the Dowthwaite Head to A5091 road at OS 391242. I have a plan available to see and have arranged for the draft agreement and plan to be put on the Parish Council website.

The Troutbeck Land extends to c4.83 hectares (11.94 acres) and is situate north of the minor road Troutbeck to Walthwaite at OS 389269. Again I have a plan available to see and the draft terms and conditions will be on the Parish Council website to view.

Expressions of interest should be sent to the Clerk (Nick Phillips, 14 Twickendham Court, Carlisle, CA1 3TW) in writing or by email by 5pm on Monday 12th February 2024 and I will prepare the Agreement to be signed and exchanged before 1st April. If possible, the Council would like the payment(s) also to be made in full before 1st April but if payment needs to be deferred to 1st August or made by monthly payments in advance, please make that clear in your offer.